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By December 15, 2015Lifestyle, Local Flavor, Tech

Founded by people on individual journeys to live a healthier life, Tasteful Inc. has grown quite a bit. Today we are excited to announce the national launch of Tasteful App, an all-inclusive table where everyone can find and eat healthy food, no matter what their dietary preference.

Vegan in Vegas? We’ve got you covered.

Vegetarian on a business trip to Seattle? No problem.

Paleo and vacationing in Denver? We’ve got your back.

Gluten Free in NYC? You too.

Low Carb in Miami? For real, we’ve got you.

Just want to eat healthy, better quality food? Us too.

In an attempt to lead the Real Food Movement – a national trend championed by celebrity chefs, food entrepreneurs, and healthy lifestyle people across the nation – Tasteful invites you to eat clean. We’re taking a stand against factory farming, GMO food and processed ingredients. In a post titled “Caveman Meets The Machine” our CEO, Eswar Priyadarshan, describes how we got to where we are now.

Where are we exactly? We are everywhere!


Tasteful boasts a database of over 100,000 healthy restaurants and over 200,000 dishes in over 1,000 cities across the country. And the number grows every single day thanks to our amazingly passionate healthy users. If there isn’t much coverage in your area, be the first to recommend great places to eat Real Food and we’ll help grow the tribe!

Love what we’re about? Download Tasteful App for iOS or Android and live a healthier life.

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