Do you like what we’re about?

Do you live the Tasteful Life as a Vegan, Vegetarian, Paleo, Gluten Free or Health Foodie?

Do you have your own brand and want to partner with or support the Tasteful Mission?

We are looking for passionate, conscious individuals to:

  • feature exclusively in-app and on-site to thousands of healthy eaters in multiple dietary categories
  • showcase and distribute their content to thousands of readers hungry for expertise & nutrition advice
  • co-promote in nationwide branded partnerships
  • serve as the face for local or national press coverage
  • support product partnerships with local and national brands
  • connect with other influencers or ambassadors in the space

If this sounds interesting to you, apply to be a Tasteful Ambassador today!

Eating out can really be a pain for healthy eaters.

We know there’s great Real Food out there.

We’ve set out to discover and share this food lifestyle with the world.

– Eswar Priyadarshan, CEO

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