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Going Paleo ***** by JinxyZ123456789
I’m going paleo as part of a 2016 challenge with some friends and had absolutely no idea what to do. I don’t want to be that lame person on a diet when going out with friends, only eating dry lettuce, but now I can see so many paleo and vegan restaurants to eat at in San Francisco! Even cooler I can find places when I travel home to visit family in Tennessee, friends in New York. They’ve got me covered everywhere in the US! I hope they go international soon because I regularly travel out of the country and would love to find healthy food in other places, too. Love it!
Wonderful way to start 2016! ***** by Halley S.
Downloaded this app and I’m so excited to use it for my fresh start in 2016! I travel a lot for work, and this helps me find healthy, whole-food choices when I’m in a city I don’t know. Love that I can build a healthy community around me too–helps me stay on track and motivated to see other people leading healthy lifestyles too. Love using it when I try to find restaurants with friends who are vegan and Paleo–gives me a full range of options.
Great on the go ***** by Mckrek830
I love the concept of this app! While traveling home for the holidays I was concerned with finding great places to go out to eat while still staying health conscious. It was easy to browse what was around me and even get specific dish recommendations. I can’t wait to use this app in my neighborhood to find more healthy options around me.
Thumbs up! ***** by Sharkeywest
Looking forward to seeing where all the best places are to eat! We’re often on the road at a hockey game in a town that we don’t know very well and I could see this being very useful. Always looking for high-quality, local and deliciously prepared foods.
Best health food app!! ***** by KPT89
This is one of the best apps for finding categorized dietary options. Feeling really good going into 2016 with this in my pocket. Also, my gf is really into crossfit and only eats paleo now so I finally have a way of filtering options!!
Great app! ***** by Rljourno
I loved how easy it was to use! I had been looking for an app that gives restaurant options based on their ingredients and this is it! Hope it takes off!
Paleo friendly **** by LittleM:)
I like that this app is easy to use and all you have to do is put your location. I’m interested in trying a paleo lifestyle and i like that app gives you paleo options for your meals.
Great for high quality food ***** by Kevin A.
Im not interested in any special diet, but still found tons of high quality restaurants nearby. LOVE that you can see specific dishes.
Finally a useful health food app ***** by Kayfergy44
This is my go-to health food app from now on! I love the way it breaks down diet specific restaurant choices and has info about specific dishes.
Great app ***** by Nima Bah
Great app for people following specific diets. Showed me plenty of good options in my neighborhood that I didn’t know!
Travel Buddy! ***** by CarmenJonez
Super helpful when you’re traveling and not familiar with where the healthy eats are!