Why Tasteful?

There’s so much noise surrounding food choices, diets, nutritional data and ever-changing medical advice/counter-advice. To raise above it all requires a holistic approach. It requires living a Tasteful life. Tasteful, Inc. exists to help people make healthy, delicious food decisions. Our work is rooted in one part data/analytics, another part community. Let’s get a group of people that love to eat, live and embody health and connect them with the chefs, restaurants and other users with similar priorities.

Our Philosophy

We believe that the best nutrients come from real food, but the noise surrounding what that means make conscious living more difficult than it has to be. A Real Food Approach simply means moving away from processed ingredients and “food like substances” to get back to the whole, nutritious foods our great grandparents would have eaten.


“The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.”
– Ann Wigmore –


Tasteful determines restaurant ratings based on an objective criteria, not by how many parking spaces they may have or how cool the lighting may be. Restaurants cannot pay to alter or remove these ratings, which are determined on how Fair, Good, or Great they may be for a select dietary community. For some dietary categories there are true Unicorns, a restaurant that 100% cooks by a Real Food philosophy and would not require any substitutions whatsoever.

What we look for:

Farm-to-Fork Philosophy

  • Restaurant promotes a farm-to-table philosophy
  • Changes menu based on seasonally available items
  • Works directly with local farmers who are growing their food humanely and sustainably

Quality Ingredients

  • Restaurant sources organic produce and protein sources whenever possible
  • Serves high-quality meats, such as free-range poultry, wild-caught seafood, grass-fed or sustainably-raised meats
  • Limited, or no, use of pre-packaged ingredients

Healthy Cooking Methods

  • Restaurant prepares their food from scratch using whole food ingredients
  • Restuarant uses primarily healthier cooking methods such as grilling, braising, slow cooking, steaming or smoking

Healthy Dishes Available

  • Restaurant has at least 2 or more dishes that are naturally a fit with the selected diet or can easily be tweaked with a simple substitution or omission